Interesting Facts about E-Liquids And Why It Matter

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.50.20The popularity of e-cigarettes is getting out of hand. Each year, statistics show a steeping demand of this product. Well, who is to blame? No one. All you have to know is that, there are certain places nowadays which ban the use of electronic cigarettes. Won’t you ask why?

The answer is, it has hit a very alarming popularity most especially among the teens. Why ban it? Is it unsafe?

Electronic cigarettes are fueled by a liquid known as e-juice. We all know that the liquid solution of these e-cigarettes are composed of chemicals. These substances may cause harmful effects among the users or worse, premature death. What is that harmful substance that cause threat to its users? If you are a user or planning to use e-cigarettes, you should know about these things. This article (thanks to Tank Puffin) would provide you with the scientifically-based ideas to give you substantial knowledge about this subject.


Like the conventional cigarette smoking, e-cigarette smoking has nicotine content. The e-liquid’s nicotine levels vary from brand to brand in accordance to the preference of their users. Nicotine is a toxic chemical which is why there are several draw which regards to the safety usage of e-liquids and e-cigarette smoking in general.

However, if this nicotine level is non-carcinogenic compared to the traditional smoking but this does not mean that you could be 100% safe even in low doses of this substance. What is the effect of nicotine in the body system? It is basically an addictive substance that gets in to the blood stream fast. This can in turn, increase your blood pressure or worse, detrimental to developing fetus. However, the effect of raw nicotine is not as much as the ones used in the e-liquid.

The content of this e-liquid is not nicotine alone, there are several other liquids like water and flavors that go with it to make a solution.

What are the health experts’ facts to share about e-liquids in e-cigarettes?

  • Nicotine is highly toxic and as mentioned, it is very addictive especially when taken in high levels. This could pose some damage to health although there are no sufficient evidences on this claim.
  • You could get high toxicity levels when you inhale, ingest or get in direct contact of this frequently. It has been said that it may cause an unusual skin sensation or irritation with direct contact. Thus, it is recommended to wash the affected skin with water and soap.
  • Some experts said that the use of this solution is prohibited especially to pregnant or breastfeeding. The vapor may cause harm to the developing child or the infant.
  • The chemical content of the e-liquid is dangerous most especially for anyone under age 18.
  • This should not be used by people with heart conditions and blood pressure problems.
  • E-cigarettes could still cause lung cancer. Although it has not been fully proven, but these past few health researchers have shown that they reduce and weaken the function of your lungs. It would be possible that these substances could cause cell mutation in the lungs or even weaken the organs’ defenses.

Why You Should Really Consider Acupuncture


acu2-2It Can Help Lessen Migraine Attacks

Nowadays, if you don’t have a migraine you’re lucky, considering all the stresses around that can trigger the attacks. And if you’ve been taking pain killers for your migraine, you probably know by now that that doesn’t really get to the root of the problem, it simply numbs the pain. Before you lose hope, 20 sessions of electro acupuncture can actually lessen migraine episodes.

Reduces Symptoms Of Allergies

Allergies are annoying, you feel itchy all the time, the sneezing never stops, and even with antihistamine that you can take on easy access you know that it will come back as annoying as ever. If you’re tired of all that and you hate pills, 12 acupuncture sessions can help lessen your symptoms and lets you get by without the pills.

Because It Boosts Your Mood

Due to its ability to regulate happy-making neurotransmitters in your brain, it has been found that acupuncture gives better results than counseling in just 3 months with a once a week session.

Your Heart Can Benefit From It

Even if you don’t have a heart problem in particular, by having regular sessions, the effects of stress in your body will decrease. Aside from that it can also lower your blood pressure, so it’s still a good thing.

It Promotes Better Sleep

Having enough quality sleep is vital and yet more and more people find it hard to get it. As a result, sleep disorders become more common. Its a good thing acupuncture can turn up the necessary neurotransmitters associated with relaxation and sleep, which our brain produces, so we can get a good night’s sleep.

How To Choose Your Foot Care Center

Chiropody-Back-on-Track-PhysiotherapyWhen it comes to your feet, it is not enough to take a regular bath. It requires intensive care as one of the body parts which easily develop diseases or infection. Foot care doctor recommends regular washing of the feet especially at the end of the day to minimise bacterial and fungal infection. There are also foot care products which can help maintain healthy feet. Comfortable footwear which are used once in two days at most also helps in feet hygiene according to a foot care doctor like City Chiropody. And last but not the least, a regular visit to a foot care center could provide a total healthy feet. With so many foot care centers available, here are some tips on how to choose your foot care center.

  1. Location – If you are considering on visiting a foot care center regularly, a center which is near with multiple transportation options would be the best choice. It saves travel time thus you can enjoy the experience without worrying of being far from your house or important places.
  2. Personnel – The personnel in the foot care center are responsible in providing treatment and other services to the customers. Therefore, the personnel should have the proper training, skills, knowledge and experience to take care all kinds of concerns regarding foot care.
  3. Services – There are many services offered in every foot care center. It is important that the center offers the appropriate services which you need. There is no reason to choose a foot care center which cannot provide you the right service. Make sure to call a foot care center and ask for the list of services they provide before booking an appointment.
  4. Rates – You will be surprised by the rates of the services provided in a foot care center. It is better to ask the rates so you can determine whether your budget can cover the expenses for the services you need.
  5. Facilities – From foot spas to salon, foot care centers have their own facilities. Knowing the facilities available in a foot care center can help you tailor the experience you like to have in the center. The facilities can also help you check the quality of services you will be receiving since most foot care centers with top notch facilities offer quality services.
  6. Credentials – You need to check if the foot care center is operating a legal business as well as how long it has been providing services. Centers with great credentials often provide the best services.
  7. Customer Experience – Aside from your foot hygiene, you value customer experience the most when visiting a foot care center. You can check previous customers regarding their experience in a particular foot care center through reviews or personal experiences of your friends to get a realistic info on what you can expect from that foot care center.

If you consider all of these, you can certainly find the best foot care center for you.


Determining The Right Prescription Glasses

Glasses-Rabbit-1In this digital age, almost everyone needs to wear either contact lenses or prescription glasses at a certain stage. It might be during your studies, while you work or maybe you need to keep the glasses on all the time. Wearing dull, tasteless and conventional glasses can affect your confidence badly. So it is advised to pay attention to glasses according to your face type to get the best deal from that optical store. Below are some useful tips to try when purchasing a new pair of glasses that doesn’t make you look bad anywhere.

Triangle Face:

People with triangular face types should avoid glasses that are wider from the top because it does not make their appearance stand out. In this face type, the face is wider from the upper section and thin from the lower side near the chin. So it is recommended to use the frame that is wider from the bottom side that will balance the width from bottom and making you look nice in those pairs.

Square Face:

This type of face looks like a square shape from all four angles so it is advised not to use a square shaped frame at all. If you opt for a square shape frame then it might make you look or appear out of focus because it will widen your face and won’t work in your favour. So you can try wearing glasses with round shapes or making an oval like shape that would work well in enhancing your face beauty and appearance. But don’t take my word for it visit The Optic Shop.

Diamond Face:

With this type of face, people tend to have a little wider cheeks compared to other types of faces. And to look stylish while wearing glasses, the focus should be on eyes rather than covering them with a big lenses or frames. Try using rimless glasses or semi-rimless to give your eyes some exposure. And avoid using such frames that expose eye lines because that doesn’t look attractive on diamond face shapes.

Oblong Face:

Oblong face types are a little wider from upper case which means from the hair till the nose they tend to appear thinner from the area below the nose. So if you have an oblong shaped face then you may go with aviators that work perfectly in favour of people with an oblong face type.

Heart Face:

You might have seen that some people tend to have a heart like shape if we focus a little further. People with such face types require special arrangements when it comes to choosing a nice pair of glasses. The face is a little wider from the sides or near the cheeks so it is recommended not to use aviators or semi-rimless frames as they will amplify the width of your face.

You may try wearing a pair of shades that is wider from the bottom and don’t have a thick color. This will help you minimize the the focus from width of your face and make you look nice in those pairs.

Ways To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Health should be an important part of all of our daily routines. Maintaining a good physical condition however isn’t just about exercising but every part of our body deserves attending to every once in a while. Even the smallest parts of our body can potentially leave us in a lot of pain if they aren’t checked up on, like our teeth. Here are some ways that you can maintain your teeth’s health so you won’t have to face any emergency appointments.

Brush Twice A Day

It goes without saying that you should brush your teeth everyday but when exactly should you brush your teeth? It is important that you brush them in the morning when you wake up in order to remove any plaque that has built up over night. Then you are ready to start your day. Though some will make the argument that you are just going to eat again it is for that reason that you also brush at night, to get rid of the plaque built up from the foods you eat during the day.6.26-facts-for-toothbrush-day

Avoid Acidic/Sugary Foods

There are certain foods that due to having a stronger PH can wear down the enamel of your teeth. Though you don’t have to avoid the food completely it is not a good idea to consistently eat these foods all the time in order to prevent damaging your teeth.87648248_XS

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

There have been many studies over the years to observe the damage that a fizzy drink does to teeth, particularly observing the effects of a fizzy drink on an egg. Over a while the eggshell is completely worn down which is a similar effect that will happen to your tooth enamel. Through avoiding fizzy drinks you avoid developing sensitive teeth, which can cause problems in the long run.soft-drinks4

Regular Dentist Appointments

Most people visit dentists as an emergencyor for cosmetic purposes like Veneers from Start Smiling Essex but at this point it is too late. Through having regular dentist appointments you can identify any problems early on and the dentist can advise you of any preventative methods you can take. Dentist

Brushing Technique

Believe it or not by brushing in a certain manner you could be doing more harm than good for your teeth. Your oral hygiene includes the care of your gums and brushing too hard cannot only wear down your enamel but also the edges of your gums. Through doing this you could potentially end up with conditions like gum disease.  Healthy smile


Brushing does not always remove all the plaque that is in your mouth. Your mouth has a lot of nooks and crannies like the gaps in between your teeth and even your cheeks. At this point you should floss and mouthwash to reach those areas.8.28-Reasons-to-Floss



The Uses Of Acrylic Perspex In The Health Industry

medical-1We all know how important health is, we take great pride in our personal health and whenever we get even remotely ill we begin to panic. In fact we rely on our NHS services and worry about our personal health so much that health is one of the most searched for terms on the Internet. What we don’t know is just how innovative the health industry has become and one of the materials we can thank for that is plastic.

The properties of plastic as well as it’s versatility makes it the ideal material to use within hospitals. Some of it’s properties include:

  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Very strong
  • Shock and abrasion resistant
  • High tensile strength and rigidity
  • Resistant to scratching
  • Easy to clean


The chances are if you admitted to a hospital then plastic has in someway contributed to your recovery. It is because of this fact that companies like Simply Plastics go unnoticed. They deserve more recognition. Furthermore we deserve to know more about our health and how we will be treated when our health is not to it’s fullest.

Health and Safety First: Common Causes Of Construction Injuries You Need To Know

Conference-Marks-New-York-Construction-Safety-WeekThe construction industry has flourished over the past decades. With advanced engineering technology, designs and applications, building contractors have become bolder in the scale and difficulty of the construction projects they tackle. Though building contractors continue to grow, the injuries due to construction are still significant. If you are planning a construction project with your building contractor, here are the common causes of construction injuries you need to know. Visit and check out their safety policy.

  1. Getting on and off the machine – If you think getting on and off a construction equipment is safe, think again. According to statistics, this is the number 1 cause of construction injury. This might be due to dirty or muddy gloves and boots or oil spill on the equipment which makes the surface slippery.
  2. Loading and unloading equipment – Loading and unloading construction equipment and materials are done hundreds if not thousands of times in every construction project. With such high frequency of the action, the probability is high of it causing injury during the job.
  3. Crowded working area – Sometimes, working space is limited in a construction area. With so many people working, an injury is bound to occur by the invasion of the working space of each employee.
  4. Machine swings – Equipment which swings while working can be fatal. The swinging motion is fast and the operator does not have 360-degree view of his surroundings. If the other party is not paying attention to the surroundings due to work or other causes, machine swings can certainly lead to injuries.
  5. Working on slopes – It is a lot harder to operate machines or work on slopes. With lesser control on slopes, construction operation could lead to injury if neglected.
  6. Overhead or buried obstructions – Overhead or buried obstructions or construction materials are very hard to notice since they are out of the normal line of vision. This could cause workers to collide on the obstructions unless they pay better attention to their surroundings.
  7. Reverse motion – Machines doing reverse motion cause accidents since it is hard for operators to control the machine while taking note of the back area. Alarms or sirens are often used to prevent injuries from reverse motion.
  8. Instability – Though it is rare for a construction equipment to lose stability, load loss or crumbling ground can still lead to instability of the equipment which could cause injuries.
  9. Poor work coordination – With so many tasks being performed in the construction site at the same time, some could collide if not coordinated properly. Foreman and site engineers are responsible to coordinate the workers to avoid injuries.
  10. Inobservant to safety precautions – Some employees tend to neglect basic safety precautions in the long run. With just a slight mishap, injuries will occur if safety precautions are not practiced diligently.

Make sure the building contractors are aware of these common causes of injuries so they can implement preventive measures and make the working area safe.


Medical Malpractice Advice

Indianapolis Indiana Medical Malpractice AttorneyWe place a great amount of trust in doctors. After all when we need help we are put into their care. However even when it comes to our own health accidents do happen, it’s just not always your fault. Medical malpractice is probably the more difficult side of personal injury insurance. This is because patients often place so much trust in doctors that they may ignore any symptoms they face as a result of medical attention.

Medical malpractice however is a completely serious issue. Many people after suffering malpractice are content to just carry on with life and suffer in silence. There is no need. You placed your trust into the NHS and its doctors and they blindly have abused your trust. If they are willing to deny any negligence then they are simply playing people’s lives and it is not fair.

With a personal injury lawyer you can take back your life into your own hands and hold those that have damaged you accountable. A personal injury lawyer is there to fight on your behalf. They can offer you legal advice on your situation and provide you with the necessary information to help you with your case. Additionally they can guarantee you the compensation that you deserve and are entitled to. Personal injury solicitors have an extremely high success rate in medical malpractice because after medical treatment the patient should be getting better. Furthermore a patient has to be fully informed so they know their rights and what is expected of the procedure.

Within personal injury law medical malpractice has a specific procedure. Hospitals are set up with lawyers and all the documentation under the sun in order to guarantee that things are done correctly. Furthermore there are so many malpractice cases today that people that have suffered can follow the direct process.

Why Divers Get Injured Or Die?

shutterstock_101081074_600x300_0Diving insurance is as important as the equipment divers use and the skills they hone. This is because despite having state of the art and high quality equipment, as well as impeccable skills, these instances below could still injure or cause death to divers. Therefore, having diving insurance from  is great help during unfortunate situations.

Health Issues

This doesn’t necessarily have to be any serious health condition, because as simple as cold, cough, or severe allergy can be a problem when diving. Why? Because these conditions may make diving more difficult than usual which could cause divers to be not alert, they might also fail to recognise and respond to environmental conditions.

Environmental Matters

Nature shifts all the time. The part of the ocean that used to be deep might not be the next time you visit due to high tide and low tide. It’s important to be pay attention to the air, water temperature, currents, wave action, depth, and visibility and everything that around that could affect diving before going into the water.

Damaged Or Malfunctioning Equipments

Diving requires equipment like regulators, weight systems, mask, fins, dry suit, and of course computer. If any of these is damaged or starts malfunctioning once divers are already deep in the water can make diving more difficult. Though the malfunction or damage itself doesn’t really cause the accidents or fatality all the time, the panic or reaction of the diver to it could.

Procedural Errors

In most diving insurance reports, procedural errors are the common cause of fatalities that divers come across. Control problems, rapid ascents, missed decompression stops, general skill limitation, ear equalization problems, not checking for sufficient air supply before diving are the usual procedural errors that put divers in danger. How can these be avoided? Practice all the time and proper procedures becomes second nature. If skills and experience work together, divers become less likely to come across procedural errors.

Why We Can’t Get Enough Of Coffee?

Are you a can’t-function-without-coffee kind of person too? Or coffee has been a part of your life for so long you just can’t picture yourself without it? Ever wondered what effect coffee has on us and why we can’t seem to let go? 2_28_11_SupremeCoffee7598Put that mug down first, and find out why.

Aroma And Taste

One whiff from the brewing coffee instantly makes us feel alive and the moment we taste its bitterness simply kick starts our day. Our sense of smell is directly connected to our brain so it’s no wonder how the unique scent of coffee can wake our brain and entire body. While the varying taste, depending on how you take your coffee, tickles the taste buds leaving us wanting more.

Euphoric Effects

The caffeine in our coffees affects a part of our brain and triggers chemicals, which are responsible for emotions, related to feeding, hunger, happiness, and euphoria. In short it makes us feel so good, which is why we keep downing that mug.

It’s Genetic

Even before, scientists believe that genetics have a role in our coffee consumption and caffeine response. But recently, a new genome-wide study published in Molecular Psychiatry has found genetic variants related to coffee dependency. Wherein according to Marilyn Cornelis, research associate in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health and lead author of the study, out of more than 120,000 coffee drinkers, “six markers linked to responsiveness to caffeine—some of which had been previously identified as being related to smoking initiation and other types of potentially addictive behaviors, but had never before been linked to coffee consumption”.

Keeps You Awake

Due to our fast paced life nowadays, where we try to fit two days into one, most of us find a way to stay awake in order to finish something. For that, coffee has been our companion. Since caffeine makes us feel alert enough to keep our eyes open, every time we need to pull an all-nighter we immediately grab a cup of coffee.

So if you weren’t already an addict you are now, go ahead and visit some Coffee bars and stay caffeinated.

Different Clocks That Can Help People With Dementia

Dementia is a general term for a brain condition which affects an individual’s thinking and memory capacity. It is also called senility which is often associated with elder people. There are many types of brain diseases which fall under the category of dementia. Some of these conditions are Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. A patient suffering from dementia will display several symptoms which can affect their daily lives.

Among the challenges of a patient suffering from dementia are confusion to current location, confusion to current time and date, poor judgement, mood swings, and losing things easily. Other symptoms could include inability to recognize familiar sounds and sights, speech problem and frequent falls while walking. Major issues when a person has dementia are unable to focus, memory trouble, spacing out and issues when making decisions.What-Is-Dementia-Clock-What-Are-Dementia-Clocks-Used-For

In order to counter one of the symptoms of dementia which is confusing the current time and date, doctors recommend the use of Dementia Clocks. There are different kinds of dementia clocks. These are day clocks, digital day clocks, day & night clocks, personalised clocks, calendar clocks, and magnified clocks. These clocks can provide important information necessary for patients to overcome their challenges in remembering the time and date.

A day clock is the basic analog clock which shows whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or midnight which is perfect for patients who are having trouble remembering the day/night cycle. A digital day clock is similar to a regular day clock however it uses digital display to provide the date, day and period of the day. A day & night clock is an analog clock which displays either a picture of the sun or moon along with the time. A personalised clock is a clock which can be designed by the user depending on preference. The user can also select among thousands of clock interfaces installed. A calendar clock is a clock which includes a calendar and shows the exact date and year. A magnified clock is a clock where letters and numbers are displayed in larger sizes than regular clocks.

These dementia clocks are not the cure to dementia. It is a device which helps people live their lives as normal as possible even while suffering from dementia. Dementia clocks are available in the market and can also be purchased online. When looking for a dementia clock, it is important to consider the things which the patient is having a hard time to remember or track and select the clock which can provide these information.

Basic Principles Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP & CBT-1Neuro-linguistic programming is recognised by many experts as a scientific field even if it still faces a lot of criticisms and challenges. Just like any other field, neuro-linguistic programming has principles which serve as its foundation. To be exact, there are 6 basic principles of neuro-linguistic programming. These 6 principles are also called as the pillars of neuro-linguistic programming. The pillars become the basis as experts organize NLP activities to help individuals utilize their full potential efficiently and develop a situation where success is attainable. Here are the basic principles of NLP.

  1. You – The main focus of NLP is you. All the NLP activities are centered towards you and achieving your business goals. Whether it is your ideal state of mind, your motivation or performance, it is you, your skills and resourcefulness which will greatly impact the effectiveness of NLP and the amount of your success.
  2. Presuppositions – These are also called the guidelines of neuro-linguistic programming. Combining with the ideals and beliefs of NLP, each activity is based on them. The guidelines are always implemented and cannot be ignored for all activities.
  3. Rapport – The ability of a person to gain mutual respect and trust from other individuals is important. Establishing positive relationships to other parties which can contribute for your business goals is valuable in NLP.
  4. Outcome – The outcome of the person’s efforts and actions greatly affects how NLP intervenes. Drastic changes are needed if negative outcomes occur like poor sales while changes which focus on improving efficiency of the activities is prioritised by NLP if desirable outcomes are achieved.
  5. Feedback – Feedback is a crucial part to determine the impact of neuro-linguistics. Feedback from other persons whether through their words, actions or expressions are gathered to get an accurate picture of the efforts of the individual to achieve the goals.
  6. Flexibility – It is rarely the situation where the first strategies yield the best results. Flexibility is needed in order to make the necessary changes and get back on the right path for success. Flexibility does not only refer to the skills of a person to adapt and change but also to the available choices an individual possess when facing difficulties or challenges.

These 6 pillars of neuro-linguistic programming play an important role for every person as they aim towards achieving their business goals and overcoming all obstacles when it comes to sales. If you are planning to hire an expert of NLP to help you with your endeavors, make sure that they will base their activities on the 6 basic principles of NLP like Toby and Kate.

Why Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Choice For Your Skin?

laser-hair-removalOur skin is the largest organ in our body, protecting our insides, from our heart and lungs to our blood and muscles. That’s why it is so important that whatever we do that involves our skin, we make sure that it won’t cause any damage.

Having said those, since the advertisements for smooth and silky skin started taking a life on its own, hair removal have become one of the cosmetic procedures that we undergo for aesthetic reasons. We became obsessed with the airbrushed look that even tiny hints of hair have been deemed unsightly.

And since this cannot be helped, the only way for our skin to stay in good shape according to Wellness during this time is to go for a skin-friendly way of hair removal. And as the years passed, professionals in this industry have found that laser hair removal is the best option that we could go for, especially for those of us who have dark hair with light skin.

Laser hair removal is great in any part of our body, starting from our face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line and other areas.

Aside from that, what’s great about this method is that it is very precise, targeting only the dark and coarse hair without damaging the surrounding skin.

Moreover, the reason why more and more people are opting for laser hair removal is due to the fact that we can almost be sure that this method will work permanently. Most patients who have already tried it say it only takes an average of three to seven sessions and hair will be gone forever.

Sounds good already? Well, if I tell you that aside from those mentioned, this process of hair loss is also time-friendly. Each pulse of the laser takes only fraction of a second to target a lot of hair. Therefore depending on the area that you’re trying to get treated, the process can be done in less than a minute for smaller ones like upper lip, or up to an hour for larger area like our legs.

Precision, speed, and predictability of this hair removal method, should I say, are the top reasons why laser hair removal is a best choice to get rid of unwanted hair without harming our skin.

How to Avoid Back Injuries: Advice From a Chiropractor

It is nice to know that if you sustain a back injury, your chiropractor may be able to help you to recover from it in a short space of time. However, prevention is always better than cure and with this in mind, here is some professional advice – from our chiropractor in Moorgate (in the City of London) – on how to avoid back injuries in the first place.

Looking After Your Back

Back injuries are the cause of millions of lost working days in the United Kingdom and cost the country billions of pounds in lost productivity every year. Furthermore, they can be very painful so anything you can do to lessen the chance of suffering from back injury should definitely be of interest.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight – Obesity may be a major contributing factor for back pain, with the extra weight that your musculoskeletal system has to carry causing all sorts of problems. By ensuring that you stay within a healthy weight range, you can eliminate one of the prime factors contributing to back injuries.
  1. Always Warm Up Before Exercise – This doesn’t just mean that you should perform a few stretches or spend 10 minutes on a stationary cycle if you are about to participate in a vigorous sporting activity; you should warm up thoroughly before doing anything of a physical nature, including tasks around the home such as gardening and DIY. For example, if you’ve been asleep in a cramped position on a plane, get your body warmed up and moving before lifting a heavy suitcase off a moving carousel.
  1. Maintain Good Posture – If you spend your days either hunched over a computer for hours at a time or walking around with a pronounced stoop, you may increase the risk that you may suffer from back problems at some stage in your life. Keep your spine erect when sitting or walking, invest in a good quality chair that offers sufficient support to the lumber region and if you are seated for long periods of time, remember to get up and move around every now and then. Also, when at your desk or sitting on your sofa, avoid always leaning, for example, on the same elbow. Leaning on on elbow for a conversation isn’t going to hurt but if you always lean on the same side one would imagine this will eventually cause one’s alignment and muscle balance to change.
  1. Use Your Knees When Lifting – This is frequently repeated advice but very important if you want to avoid back injuries. Keep your back as straight as possible, the object you are lifting close to your body, and bend with your knees, not your spine. Also, allow your ankle and hip joints to move too. The ankles, knees and hips should all work as a team, keeping the stress off the low back.
  1. Brace Your Core Muscles Before Lifting - Say you are about to lift a heavy, awkward piece of furniture. Just before lifting it imagine you are about to be punched in the stomach. If you were about to be hit you would clench up your tummy muscles. Allow this to happen. Then you will be able to lift the furniture with increased safety with the tummy and back muscles braced and supporting your back.
  1. Inactivity - In modern sedentary western society inactivity is a major contributing factor in the epidemic of back pain. If we don’t use our muscles, they waste away, leaving our backs with too little support. Try to stay active. Rise from your chair and move round the office rather than being immobile for hours on end.

Following the above advice should help to reduce the risk of you injuring your back and becoming a victim of chronic back pain. However, if the worst comes to the worst, you are always welcome at the Hunter Clinic in Moorgate, which can be found on London Wall in the City of London, telephone 07855 916 602.